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ecoroa® Trip Spray

I recently took this product on a holiday to see my family in China and it performed really well! I sprayed it around my baby's cot, his clothes and toys and he did not get any mosquito bites! I also used this on myself and the rest of the family and it worked quite well for us too. Sometimes we did get a couple of bites if we forgot to reapply after a long day. Will be using again once summer hits New Zealand!

ecoroa® Baby Wash

I am very conscientious about using products that are organic, natural and are safe, especially so when it comes to my baby. I was very happy to discover this New Zealand brand and am a huge fan of their entire range, especially the baby wash that we use daily. It bubbles very well despite not having SLS/ALSes and smells great. We have used other products in the past that claim to be hypoallergenic or natural but have noticed that irritated skin often follows within a few days. Not so with ecoroa! Haven't tried much of the rest of the range but will surely do so and recommend anyone with a baby to give it a go.

ecoroa® Lavender Spray

This was recommended to me as a natural way to help my daughter get to sleep in the evenings. She's a toddler and can often get fussy around bed time. I have started using this during her evening bath and to spray on the pillow and it works really well. By the time I finish reading her a story, she is fast asleep and sleeps through the night.


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