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ecoroa® Baby Oil

Organic lavender oil contained in ecoroa® BABY OIL supports calmness and natural sleep. 100% organic plant oils ensure the oil is not sticky and absorbs quickly. Maintaining healthy levels of moisture in the skin, this oil ensures the skin feels fresh and hydrated.


A way to balance moisture & oil levels

Baby oil products are almost compulsory products for any baby mothers because of the fact that babies can often have dry skin. Oil products are repeatedly applied especially for babies with extra dryness but this can clog up pores and result in skin losing its ability to balance the moisture/ oil level.

Excessive use of mineral and silicon-based oils can clog pores which may result in pimples and the damage can be prolonged throughout infancy.

In case of ecoroa® Baby Oil, organic ingredient selected for the formula do not block pores and due to its similarity to sebum found in human skin, it allows natural absorption. High in natural fatty acids, plant oils provide the vital ingredients needed for skin to be soft and healthy.


Use after bathing or as much as necessary on dry areas.

We recommend the oil to be warmed in the hands before application – this improves absorption and feel. . Concentrate on skin in folds and joints - areas where arms and legs join. Apply 1-2 pumps of the product, spread lightly over skin and gently massage in circles.


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