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ecoroa® Baby Cream

ecoroa® BABY CREAM is a light and fresh moisturiser that prevents the sensitive skin of babies from losing vital moisture. Nourishing and repairing, the cream hydrates without clogging pores.


Protect and repair your baby’s skin

Baby’s skin is much more fragile compared to that of an adult. Due to sensitivity of young skin, skin irritation may arise from excessive stimulation (like rubbing or scratching) and can even lead to permanent damage like scarring.

Prevention is much easier than treatment and ecoroa® Baby Cream takes that philosophy to heart. Carefully selected Certified Organic ingredients combine to balance moisture levels, calm and soothe baby skin.

The cream ensures natural oil levels in young skin are maintained at healthy level while protecting it from damaging environmental influences.

During periods of low humidity and dryness, we recommend the cream is applied regularly onto the face, hands and wherever skin is exposed.

Use as needed, spread a thin layer and gently pat into the skin for maximum absorption.


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