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ecoroa® Baby Wash

ecoroa® BABY WASH is designed to soften and cleanse hair and skin without irritation. Natural and Organic ingredients are particularly well-suited for babies and children with sensitive skin to effectively cleanse and soothe.


A safe and effective choice for your baby

Due to frequent perspiration, babies require daily bathing.
To use ecoroa® baby wash, apply a small amount to a soft cotton cloth and use the cotton cloth to gently massage all over the baby’s body.

There is no excessive foam as the formula itself is designed to cleanse without harmful foaming actives. Specifically designed for your baby’s sensitive skin, this body wash contains lavender and orange essential oils to calm and refresh safely.

Gentle jojoba oil balances oil and moisture levels of baby’s skin by mimicking the natural sebum of human skin.


For bath use: squeeze 1 - 2 pump into baby bath tub and mix them well with warm water. After applying and foaming baby’s body thoroughly, use warm water to cleanse. Before drying, use ecoroa® lotion or cream to moisturise. For cases with severe dryness, use ecoroa® Atocream to quickly repair and hydrate skin. Use baby cream + oil during periods of low humidity (use lotion otherwise).


"I am very conscientious about using products that are organic, natural and are safe, especially so when it comes to my baby. I was very happy to discover this New Zealand brand and am a huge fan of their entire range, especially the baby wash that we use daily. It bubbles very well despite not having SLS/ALSes and smells great. We have used other products in the past that claim to be hypoallergenic or natural but have noticed that eczema or other irritated skin inflammation often follows within a few days. Not so with ecoroa! Haven't tried much of the rest of the range but will surely do so and recommend anyone with an allergy-prone baby to give it a go. "