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Choosing organic products is a way of life for many people nowadays, and it’s a lifestyle that is quickly catching on. But why even consider organic cotton and clothing?



With the benefits of organic foods and skincare well documented, focus is now turning towards other organic products such as cotton, one of the largest grown crops in the world. Over the past 50 years the way cotton is conventionally grown has changed dramatically, and is now drenched in huge amounts of pesticides, herbicides and known carcinogenic chemicals before becoming a finished product such as vest or socks your baby has on now.




As we are well aware, our skin is our biggest organ and is constantly absorbing particles from everything we put on and near it, and for your baby this is even more so.

A baby’s skin is thinner and more porous than us adults meaning their skin absorbs things much more easily. We have skincare products specially designed for babies for this very reason, the stronger ingredients used in many soaps, creams and even laundry detergents can irritate your baby’s’ delicate skin.






This also applies to clothing and cotton products you use for your baby. The farming and manufacturing methods associated with the production of conventionally grown cotton, results in the pesticides used to grow it, remaining in the cotton fibres of the finished products. The pesticides and other harmful chemicals used such as formaldehyde, chlorine, ammonia and flame retardants, have been ranked by the World Health Organisation as being among the most dangerous to human health!





Organic cotton is grown and manufactured without the use of these toxic pesticides and chemical treatments making it much safer and gentler for your baby. Organic cotton is typically handpicked and processed with vegetable dyes. The natural treatments and use of vegetable dyes for organic cotton preserves the integrity of the fabric, which results in a very durable garment for your child.

Although organic clothing can be more expensive to purchase, when quality and durability is compared to cheaper conventional cotton products, organic cotton definitely gives you your moneys’ worth!

Conventionally produced cotton can start to break down after on 10-20 washes vs organic cotton which lasts up to 100 washes before it begins to wear. This is due to the fibres in conventionally produced cotton being weakened during production with bleaching, dying, formaldehyde sprays and flame and soil retardants being used.


As with organic foods and skincare, opting for organic cotton products for your baby is becoming a way of life for many people too. And with organic cotton being grown in greater quantities every year, the availability of organic cotton products is increasing making it even more accessible for the everyday consumer.


Next time you notice your baby discovering their foot and sucking on their sock or chewing on their favourite soft tow, just stop and think about where that product and materials may have come from. Do you really want your baby ingesting and absorbing ANY of the hazardous chemicals used during its production?